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Talk to a local: Noumea Discovery

Cruising has definitely put Noumea on the map! we chatted to Romain Lionnet of Noumea Discovery about how cruising has impacted Noumea and for some of his tips on enjoying the city.

Cruising has definitely put Noumea on the map – P&O Cruises alone has more than 160 cruises scheduled to call at Noumea between now and the end of 2012.

The city offers many well-known tourist attractions like the Tjibaou Cultural Centre and “Le Petit Train” that chugs sightseers around the city centre – but there are also some great lesser-known local favourite experiences that visitors can enjoy. Local Romain Lionett fills us in...

Talk to a local: Noumea

How has cruising impacted your life?

“(Cruising) is great for income but also learning to share and understand more about the world and the people within it. (It’s) great for (our) lifestyle – people are always happy when working with people on holidays.”


What makes New Caledonia different from other destinations?

“For me the main word to describe New Caledonia is diversity – the landscapes, the islands, the reef, people, culture, cuisine, activities. There is also a commonality – products from France, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It’s a French territory in the Pacific.

“(There is) no hostility and things are easy – camping is free, there are no dangerous animals, you live communally with people, you can go fishing, kayaking and windsurfing. It is not expensive here and getting around is so easy.”


Where is your favourite place to eat?

“My favourite place is the Baie de Citron for variety. Top places here include Les Trois Brasseurs, Astrolabe and The Dukes.”


What is your favourite way to spend an afternoon?

“My favourite thing to do is camping at the river – the Dumbea and Yate. I like to do nothing!”


Any hidden gems?

“My secret – try snacking around Noumea - then you’ll feel the French connection. The roulotte mobile food carts (in front of the McDonalds – very exotic, I know) are great.”


Learn more about Noumea

More about P&O Cruises and sustainability – here you can download P&O Cruises’ inaugural Sustainability Report, which outlines our company’s environmental, social and financial achievements and goals and ongoing relationships with the Pacific Islands.

The Tchou Tchou Train

Board the Tchou Tchou Train for a guided tour of Noumea, from the city to local lookouts and favourite beach destinations.
2 hours | 55.99 | 35.99

Tjibaou Cultural Centre

Discover the South Pacific’s rich and varied indigenous heritage at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, home of world-class exhibits and collections of Kanak and Pacific cultures.
2.5 hours | 69.99 | 49.99

Amedee Island Marine Reserve

Amedee Island, a tiny coral atoll 18 kilometres south of Noumea has been awarded a TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice™ 2014 award in the Attractions category and one of TripAdvisor’s top 25 South Pacific landmarks!
8 hours | 185.99 | 119.99

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