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Kids eating for good sleep

Getting children to fall asleep when not in their normal routine or home can be exhausting. Here’s some advice on getting the best rest.

With so much to do – from shore tours and swimming to all the onboard games on offer for children – it can be difficult to get your kids to sleep when they're begging to stay up, or ensure they're energetic (and tantrum-free) when there's a big day ahead.

We caught up with nutritionist Shannon Flavell for some simple tips on eating, for a holiday with kids who are well-rested and (almost) never cranky.


Feed your little ones with energy-dense wholegrain cereals and breads. Be sure to add in some protein to ensure their hunger is kept at bay until lunchtime. Good protein sources for breakfast include eggs, natural yoghurt and seed/nut muesli for older children. By avoiding sugary options, you can rest assured that your clan won’t be needing a post-sugar nap after breakfast and will instead be powering on happily through the day's activities.


Be sure to pack light treats for your tours or activities, as you don’t want to be concerned about hungry tummies when you could be enjoying tropical paradise or listening to one of our guides. Seed and nut bars are a good option for older children, while fresh fruit such as apples, mandarins and kiwi fruit are all easily transportable and packed full of nutrients and energy.


Don’t forget to hydrate! Water intake is easily forgotten when you're not in your own home with access to a kitchen. One of the most common signs of dehydration is a headache, particularly in the frontal area. By the time this symptom presents, you are already quite dehydrated. So when your little ones start complaining about aches and pains, get them on the water bottle straight away.


At night when you want your troops sleeping soundly, go for foods containing tryptophan. Tryptophan produces the hormone melatonin, which triggers sleep. Sources of tryptophan include milk, turkey, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Keep them away from chocolate as the caffeine content will send them buzzing and make the 'off to bed' debate hard for everyone.

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